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Civil Engineering - Surveying


Permitting Services

Clear and concise presentations are a key component to any project requiring regulatory approvals. We gear our presentations towards engaging the regulatory body in a constructive dialog to facilitate a mutually agreeable outcome. For every... read more

Feasibility Engineering Studies

Feasibility Engineering Studies are a critical component in assessing a project’s financial viability.

A Feasibility Study typically utilizies two steps: The first step is a quick determination of potential site layouts, development constraints, and cost issues. Once a positive... read more

Construction Services

With our years of experience dealing with all phases of the constructed project from design, through permitting, bidding, contract negotiations, construction administration and contract closeout we are able to identify and... read more

Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP)

A SWPPP is a site-specific, written document that:

Identifies potential sources of stormwater pollution at the construction site.

Describes practices to reduce pollutants in stormwater discharges from... read more

Additional Services

Drafting Service: Are you an Engineer, Planner, Architect or Contractor that does not have the time or capability to do your own drafting? Civilworks NE can help you. Our talented drafting department is a cost effective and professional choice for... read more